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May 2018

DIY Tutorial, Heat Transfer Vinyl, Home Decor, Silhouette CAMEO

Quick and Easy Feminine Farmhouse Pillows

Are you ready to unleash your inner Joanna Gaines and bring some farmhouse decor into your home?  The best places to make your house on trend and on budget is through decorative pillows and art!  They are quick and easy to change out, no long-term commitments attached. I’m going to show you how simple it is to make your own feminine farmhouse style pillows using some blank pillows covers, heat transfer, and your electronic cutting machine. The Supply List: Blank Pillow Cover Pillow  ...

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Adhesive Vinyl, DIY Tutorial, Party Crafts, Silhouette CAMEO

Throw a Tropical Ice Cream Party with 4 Simple Crafts

I don’t know if you’ve been to the Dollar Tree lately, but they have TONS of cute tropical decor.  The best part?  It all only costs $1.00!!  I scooped up a bunch of the cuteness and decided I needed to have a DIY tropical ice cream party with the kids. Craftey was kind enough to sponsor this tropical party for us and provided me with some vinyl. I’m going to show you how I pulled together this whole party look for pennies on the dollar and mad DIY skills with 4 different  ...

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DIY Tutorial, Jewelry, Silhouette CAMEO

Floral Fabric and Faux Leather Beaded Drop Earrings

Do you have a favorite store that you love to window shop at but can rarely afford unless it’s on clearance?  I definitely have several of them but Anthropologie is near the top of my list.  So many beautiful things with not so beautiful prices, lol. I happened to find some earrings that I loved but were a bit out of reach for my current budget, especially since I rarely wear jewelry now that I have 2 toddlers that love to pull on them. (ouch!)   I figured I could make  ...

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Adhesive Vinyl, DIY Tutorial, Gift Ideas, Silhouette CAMEO

Make a Brag Book for the Grandparent’s in Your Life

Mother’s day is almost here!  I like to make a homemade gift every year with items reflecting the kids from the past year.  I know the Great Grandmother’s treasure items like this the most since they already own everything they could ever need. This year’s gift is going to be mini brag books for them to keep in their purses.  I used wood boards as the covers so it can withstand the abuse we all know happens inside of a woman’s purse. Hop over here to learn how to  ...

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