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Make a Brag Book for the Grandparent’s in Your Life

Mother’s day is almost here!  I like to make a homemade gift every year with items reflecting the kids from the past year.  I know the Great Grandmother’s treasure items like this the most since they already own everything they could ever need. This year’s gift is going to be mini brag books for them to keep in their purses.  I used wood boards as the covers so it can withstand the abuse we all know happens inside of a woman’s purse. Hop over here to learn how to  ...

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DIY Tutorial, Gift Ideas, Home Decor, Silhouette CAMEO, Vinyl

Make a Recycled Rustic Faux Lightbox

Earth day was last week so I wanted to make a project using primarily recycled materials.  I honestly love projects like these the most, they stretch my creativity and they are super affordable. My son recently had a birthday and got a bunch of new toys, one was a wooden train set in a really fun wood box/tray.  I took one look at it and thought “this looks like a lightbox” so of course that packaging became mine and he got the fun choo-choo. We also live in a new construction  ...

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Make Your Wedding Guests Laugh with this Sign

Spring is finally here which also means that wedding season is upon us.  My younger brother is one of the lucky souls getting married this summer so of course I have to help make fun decor for the special occasion. They are a fun couple who doesn’t take life super seriously so I thought this would be the perfect addition over by the open bar. This doesn’t have to be for weddings alone!  Any bar with dancing needs this sign.  I’ll show you how to make it! Head over here for  ...

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