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Affordable and Simple Home Decor Quote Frames

I don’t know about you but I’m loving all of the quote artwork lately.  I don’t have tons of wall space to display all of the cute projects I want to make, but I do have shelf space!

I’m also excited to see that acrylic signs are becoming a thing right now because they are affordable and kid friendly so I don’t have to worry about them breaking it and getting hurt.  Or let’s face it, me breaking it and getting hurt too, I’m not known for my stealthy ways, lol.

I’ve partnered with Craftey  for this fun project today.  These signs are crazy affordable and easy decor you can switch out as the mood strikes. This would be great for holiday/seasonal decor too.  Who has space to store things for all the different seasons?!

The Supply List:


I always conduct all of my “research” on Pinterest so I went there to look for some fun quotes to inspire me.  These frames are going to be displayed in my craft room so I wanted to keep them cohesive with the rest of my room.

First, go to your design software and type out your quotes.  I’m using the font Elderflower for this quote.  I right aligned it too just to have a different look than centering it.



To scale it to size, draw a rectangle the same size as your frame.  The scale tool allows you to enter the exact dimensions to make it easy work.



Anytime you use a font that overlaps, you’ll need to weld it together so each letter doesn’t get cut separately.



Don’t forget to regroup it back together after welding so you don’t accidentally miss a section when you go to move it.



Repeat the process for the other quotes.  I’m using Angie Makes Shippey font for this quote.



The last fonts I’m using here are Wicket for the quote and Beloved Sans for her name.



I moved them all together so I could cut the vinyl without wasting any precious materials.



Make sure to update all of your cut settings and get it ready to send to be cut.



Place your vinyl on the cutting mat, load it in the machine and send the file to be cut.



While the machine is cutting, use your paper trimmer to cut your cardstock down to size to fit inside the frames.  I found making it 1/8″ longer filled the frame in perfectly.



See perfect fit!!



After the machine is done cutting your vinyl, use your weeding tools to remove the excess vinyl.  I love using my tweezers to get the small pieces out.  I always start by cutting apart the different quotes if I cut multiple projects on one sheet.



Repeat the process for the other 2 quotes.  Then cut a piece of transfer tape to place on top, I started with the largest design so I could reuse the same piece for all 3.



Here’s a trick on how to perfectly align the vinyl on top of the frame.  Flip a piece of vinyl that has a grid back over and place it under the frame.  Now you have lines to use as a guide!



Then I fold the transfer tape so I have the center of the design which I can line up with the grid.



Carefully remove the transfer tape and slide the cardstock into the frame.  Repeat!



Now the hard part, figuring out where you want to display the beautiful frames you just made!




For more amazing project inspiration head over to the Craftey Community.

Go ahead and Pin this for later too!!


Affordable and Simple Home Decor Quote Signs with Designed to be Crafty and Craftey.