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Create Your Own Family Math Sign

Are you a fan of the farmhouse trend?  I very much am!  I don’t like to make my whole house a “theme” per say but I do like to include elements.

The key to having a welcoming and warm home is including personal items and memories for guests to enjoy.  Also, make sure it’s a mix of textures and colors.  This keeps the art interesting and it really pulls the room together.  I have hints of mint green throughout my home that’s primarily neutral.

I love seeing the wood signs showing the “family math” representing the parents and kids.  I just wanted to make my own twist to that trendy design. First of all, I made mine metal with vinyl.   Secondly, I wanted to change what the equation equaled to as “home” instead of the actual math or simply writing family or home.

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How to make a galvanized metal family math sign