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Easy Kid Art Custom Cutting Boards for Amazing Gifts

Mother’s Day is coming up quickly and I always love to make all of the Grandma’s in our life a custom kid art creation as their gift each year. They absolutely love them and of course I always make an extra for myself. The only problem with that is coming up with new original ideas every year.

This year Cricut came out with their infusible ink markers for freehand use and I knew right away I was going to use them for the gift this year. My next challenge was figuring out what sublimation blank I wanted to use. None of them use coasters and I didn’t think they would want to wear T-shirts, especially because the Cricut shirts seem very thin and would need to be layered. So I searched the internet and discovered a few companies make sublimation blank cutting boards! Perfect, who doesn’t use cutting boards?!?

Cricut recommends using laser copy paper for transferring the infusible ink to the blank but I only had regular inkjet copy paper on hand. Guess what, it worked just fine. Save yourself some money if you don’t have the laser paper. I did get butcher paper though to use as the protective paper around them while heating in my heat press. You can also use your Cricut Easy Press if you own one.

Supplies Needed:

Since I have 2 children and wanted to save costs by only making 1 cutting board per Grandma I cut the copy paper in half so each kid could draw on half of the cutting board sized paper. I just set up a little coloring station on their kid table and told them to draw whatever they wanted!

They got to work right away! I love watching them create.

They were so focused! My youngest drew different pictures each time, and my oldest (who is Star Wars obsessed) drew lightsabers each time, but different colors.

I had them make 5 total, one for each Great Grandma, Grandma, and of course ME!

Next, I cut the paper down to fit on the cutting board with some room to tape it and eyeballed to center their drawings in each half. Place the drawings down so the colored side is against the back of the board.

Now, cut a piece of butcher block paper to hold the cutting board inside. I made it big enough to completely go around it so I could lift it out while it was still hot and move on to the next board.

Here are the directions for the cutting boards I used for heating them with your heat press.

The only thing I did differently was I let the paper cool first before removing it. Some paper might stick to the back, don’t worry. Once they are fully cooled you can rinse off the paper with water.

It worked like a charm!! The colors became much more vibrant after being heated as well.

Repeat the process for each board. Once it’s cooled completely you can wash them by hand and add the bumpers to the back of the board.

This is my cutting board the kids drew specifically for me! I love that I now have a permanent record of their adorable drawings for the rest of my life. I’ll use a sharpie to write the date in the corner too so I’ll remember what ages they were at the time.

I already used mine to make them a favorite snack, apple slices!

This is a great gift idea for any time of year! I can’t wait to see the Grandma’s faces when they open their presents up.

You’ll definitely want to pin this idea for later!

Easy DIY sublimation cutting boards using Cricut Infusible Ink markers

If you make these with your kids please tag me on Instagram so I can see their beautiful work too! @designedtobecrafty