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Five Unexpected Ways To Use Tattoo Paper


Oh tattoo paper how I love you…let me count the ways, five to be exact. You are so much more than a product we apply to our skin. You are a versatile tool in our Silhouette specialty media arsenal and you deserve the lime light for a few minutes.

1. You make adorable gift bags




Photo Credits: Maritza Lisa

Look at these amazing muslin and paper gift bags. Who wouldn’t be thrilled to be handed one of these cute bags? I know I’ll be doing this next time I need to give a gift.


2. You make beautiful artwork


Photo Credit: Brittany Sazonoff

Oh hello gorgeous wood printed artwork! You would think this cost a small fortune ordering from a specialty print shop. Wait, you’re just tattoo paper applied to a simple wood slab? Genius!

3. You turn boring surfaces into something fun

Photo Credit: Erica Sooter

Ok, this is a temporary moment of greatness because when you wash it the adorable design will come off, but think of the endless possibilities! You can always have custom décor without having a closet full of ‘one time’ use items. Buy a simple vase and customize it over and over again.

4. You light up our life

Photo Credit: Kelly Wayment

Who doesn’t love fun candles? You can make your own decorative candles for the various holidays using this media chameleon.

5. You make Eggs-cellant seasonal décor

Photo Credit: Felicity Jane

Are these not the most adorable eggs ever? Egg hunts just got more interesting with these fun and creative creations. I know I would be running to see what all of the designs look like, watch out kids!

I know you’re now very inspired to go buy several packages of this super versatile paper. This is one of my favorite products and I hope I’ve convinced you to join me in this love affair.

What are you going to go tattoo now?