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Floral Fabric and Faux Leather Beaded Drop Earrings

Do you have a favorite store that you love to window shop at but can rarely afford unless it’s on clearance?  I definitely have several of them but Anthropologie is near the top of my list.  So many beautiful things with not so beautiful prices, lol.

I happened to find some earrings that I loved but were a bit out of reach for my current budget, especially since I rarely wear jewelry now that I have 2 toddlers that love to pull on them. (ouch!)


Slide View: 1: Painted Gardens Drop Earrings

I figured I could make something inspired by them.  I’ll never make a direct copy of something I find for a few reasons.  1.  That’s someone else’s hard work and design and if you want it exactly as shown then just purchase it.  2. I like the challenge of putting my own twist things and making it my own.

Now that being said, for blog posts such as this, I AM encouraging you to make it as shown because I’m teaching you step by step.  Do you understand the difference?

Read the full tutorial over here.


Floral Fabric and Faux Leather Beaded Drop Earrings