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How to Easily Make a Puzzle

We are all stuck at home looking for ways to keep busy right now. There is one game that seems to be having a resurgence because of this…puzzles! You see people on Facebook and Instagram showing their progress on the puzzles and there is such a fun variety out there I never knew about!

Did you know you can easily make your own puzzles with your Silhouette? They’ve made it as easy as a few clicks of a button for those with the designer edition or above.

All you need is some chipboard, sticker paper, a printer, and your Silhouette.

I’m using this hand-lettered USA design to make an education puzzle for my kids.

Start by opening the design in your Silhouette Studio software. Next, click on the small gray arrow in the bottom left corner. That will pull up a menu of more tools. The first image of the puzzle piece is what you’ll want to click on.

That will pull up this tool.

Let’s add a rectangle around the design for a clean puzzle edge. The tool for that is on the right-hand side.

With the rectangle shape you just drew still selected, hit the select puzzle area button.

That will create a puzzle inside the shape instantly! Feel free to customize how many rows and columns you want it to have.

You could be done with your puzzle now. I want to show you how to make more custom changes using the other tools below.

The easiest way to change it is to click the randomize puzzle and it will change the pattern, click as many times as desired to change the shapes.

If you move the slider on the curve bar you can create flat sides or very rounded edges. You can see I have the curve set to 0 and it’s flat. This also eliminates the ripple tool because there’s no curve to modify.

Now let’s move the wobble tool, that moves the puzzle connector area around from being centered to shifting it more off-center.

Play around until you’re happy with the changes. Let’s prep this to be cut. You’ll want to slide the puzzle portion off to the side and then go to your send screen. Select the image of your puzzle and then hit, no cut. That way it only cuts the puzzle shapes out if you’re using an SVG design.

Now head back to the design screen and resize it for a sheet of paper. (or whatever size you want to make as long as you can print it) My printer only goes up to 8.5″ x 11″ and that’s also the size sticker paper I have.

You can print this out onto your sticker paper now, make sure you haven’t added any line weight to the puzzle shapes so they don’t print out.

Then place the sticker paper onto your chipboard and attach it to your cutting mat. Adjust your cut settings for the chipboard material and send it to cut.

Enjoy your new puzzle!!!

Go ahead and pin this for later!

How to make puzzles with your Silhouette Cameo