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How To Make A Simple Monogram Etched Spoon


I love to experiment when it comes to crafting.  An idea pops into my head and I just have to know if it will actually work in the real world like it does in my mind.  Sometimes it’s a big ol’ fail and other times I get a win!

I’m here showing you my latest winning idea…etched spoons!

It’s actually a very simple project and it uses all those tiny little scrap pieces of vinyl you’ve been hoarding (we all do it!).

I recently discovered that Target sells cutlery individually, so I bought one single spoon for the very affordable price of $1.


Materials Used:

  • Spoon (or any utensil/s of your choice)
  • Armor Etch cream
  • Silhouette CAMEO (or any cutting machine)
  • Scrap vinyl
  • Transfer tape
  • Old paint brush
  • Beloved Font package (see link below)


I was asked to partner with the amazing to review their Laura Worthington Collection Volume II (affil) and create a project using it.  I figured this experiment was the perfect project to use one of the fonts from the bundle on.  There are 5 different font families with 18 fonts in this collection including lots of great decorative elements.  It’s almost overwhelming to pick which one to use!

I ended up selecting the Beloved Sans font and ornament to make my custom monogram design for this spoon.

Here’s a screen shot of that font family.



There are hundreds of ways to use this font because of all the decorative elements you can incorporate.  See below for a sampling of the options:



Choices!!!  I ended up looking at the beloved ornaments character map in the Nexus Font program to find the right element to incorporate.  I found this great frame design and thought it would be perfect to make a monogram.  As you can see you just type the lowercase letter m while having the Beloved Ornaments font selected to pull that design up.



I wanted to keep the font inside clean and simple because the spoon area is really tiny and this would be very delicate to cut out and transfer so I used the beloved sans font in bold.  I just sized the center letter larger than the two side letters and used the align tool to make sure it’s all perfectly centered.  (psst.. you’ll need to ungroup the letters if you typed them all at once to resize the center and align it properly)

I cut 2 out so I had a back-up if needed with the tiny pieces.  I also put a weeding box around the design since we’re reverse weeding it.



Attach your scrap vinyl to your cutting mat and send the design to be cut.  I used the standard vinyl settings.



Here is the design cut out and reverse weeded.  (that means you weed out the design instead of the surrounding vinyl)



Now attach transfer tape to the vinyl so you can shift the vinyl onto your spoon.  Use that scraper tool!!



Next attach the vinyl to the spoon, again the scraper tool is your friend.  Carefully pull away the transfer tape at an angle making sure the vinyl stays attached to the spoon.



Now the fun part!!  Spread the etching cream on nice and thick making sure the full design is well covered using an old paint brush.  Let it sit on there for several minutes.



Now take the spoon over to the sink and wash away the cream and peel off the vinyl.

Here is the finished result!!




Seriously how fun and easy was that?!?  Think of the possibilities….

This would make a fun and unique wedding or house warming gift.

You can make your own holiday sets too since you can use fun designs as well.  I also bought a gold colored spoon I’m going to try a fun pattern on next.

This would also be fun just to make a single spoon and custom mug as gifts (and affordable!!)

I always keep a spoon in my coffee mug to make sure the sugar is perfectly stirred between every sip.



What fun designs are you going to make for your utensils?

Don’t forget to go to and get this amazing font bundle!  I barely scratched the surface on everything you can do with it.  There are still 4 other amazing font families with tons of decorative options and elements included.  They also always have FREE commercial use fonts.  Make sure you check back weekly to see what the new freebie is.


(This post was sponsored by but the project idea and opinions are all my own)