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How to Make Your Own Concrete Vase (Part 2)

Here’s the second part of my concrete vase experiment.  If you already read part 1 you’ll remember that I said concrete and cement aren’t the same products.

The bagged concrete mix has little rocks and pebbles and is a rougher texture.  Bagged cement is the smooth flour-like powder, which is what I preferred working with to make my vases.

I also used a silicone mold for this project vs making my own in the previous tutorial.  I did research buying molds designed for making cement planters/vases but they are expensive!  I was shocked that a small 3″ vase mold costs about $80.  If you plan on selling them, it might be worth the investment.

I came up with a different solution and since I’m no stranger to the baking section of the craft stores I know where to buy affordable silicone molds!

Head over to fontbundles for the full tutorial!




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