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Make a Recycled Rustic Faux Lightbox

Earth day was last week so I wanted to make a project using primarily recycled materials.  I honestly love projects like these the most, they stretch my creativity and they are super affordable.

My son recently had a birthday and got a bunch of new toys, one was a wooden train set in a really fun wood box/tray.  I took one look at it and thought “this looks like a lightbox” so of course that packaging became mine and he got the fun choo-choo.

We also live in a new construction neighborhood and there are 4 homes being built across the street from us.  I watch as the construction workers dump perfectly good wood into those huge dumpsters.  I have no shame in saying that every once in awhile I rescue a few of those lumber scraps and give them a new home…in my garage!  What?  I’m just trying to do my part to save the planet!

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Oracal 651 12"x12" Permanent Outdoor Vinyl Sheet