Adhesive Vinyl, DIY Tutorial

Make a Tummy Trouble Survival Kit

Winter brings us so many wonderful holidays to celebrate with our loved ones and a fresh start with a new year.

It also brings the cold and flu season which usually hits during those same holidays, every.single.year!

Unfortunately, this post was inspired by real-life events in our home!  We have two toddlers and one is in preschool so we’ve been super lucky to catch EVERYTHING this year.

After sending my husband to the store a few times late at night (he luckily was spared this year) it dawned on me that I should probably stock the essential food items for when you’re not feeling your best.

I’m just going to keep ours in a spare closet for when the need strikes again!  I purposely kept this food only and the type that is non-perishable for about a year.

Head on over to the fontbundles blog for the full tutorial.