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Make Your Own Birth Announcement Artwork

If you’re a regular Silhouette America blog reader (and I hope you are!) you’ll remember those fun gender reveal poppers I made for a friend this past summer.

Well the baby just arrived and she’s adorable! I wanted to make them a gift incorporating the reveal flag from the party so a birth announcement artwork board instantly came to mind. Now they’ll have a nice keepsake to remember all the special moments with their newest little one.

Supplies Needed:


Step One: Create your design in Silhouette Studio®

1. Start with setting up the design page settings to be the same size as the canvas board, 8 in. x 10 in.

2. Write out all of the various baby statistics in separate text boxes and play with a few different fonts.


3. Add in all of the various Design Store files to go along with the baby statistics. This is how they look when you initially add them in:


4. Now, have some fun ungrouping and assembling your various shapes. I kept mine very simple knowing that I would be weeding and attaching them to the artwork.

I also removed the wording from one of the banners and changed it to say arrived.

This is easily done by:

  • Ungroup the design
  • Delete the phrase
  • Add new phrase
  • Align it inside the ribbon
  • Weld the design back together

Just have fun and play until you are happy with the final design!


Full disclosure: My design took me HOURS of playing until I liked it. You’re welcome to copy my set-up exactly as shown and save yourself all that time. You could just add a cute graphic that coordinates with the nursery theme in the lower right corner. (I’m here for you like that!)

Step Two: Cut your designs out using your CAMEO®

I like to group each design into their color groupings so it’s one easy cut per color.

Don’t forget to mirror since this is heat transfer. (Right click > Flip Horizontally)

Psst..test cut to make sure you have the correct cut settings too.

Step Three: Cut and weed your designs

Send those files to your CAMEO and watch it work its magic. Cut out the various designs and weed away!

Step Four: Assemble and iron on to the canvas board

I like to save a copy of my original design so I can look at it while arranging it on the canvas board. Since these are layered designs you’ll need to press them on in the correct order.


Step Five: Adore and admire your new creation!


Here is the completed project that I can’t wait to gift to my friend. I’ll add a cute paper to the back to finish it off.



What fun announcement boards are you going to design now?


How to make your own custom birth announcement artwork