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Throw a Tropical Ice Cream Party with 4 Simple Crafts

I don’t know if you’ve been to the Dollar Tree lately, but they have TONS of cute tropical decor.  The best part?  It all only costs $1.00!!  I scooped up a bunch of the cuteness and decided I needed to have a DIY tropical ice cream party with the kids.

Craftey was kind enough to sponsor this tropical party for us and provided me with some vinyl.

I’m going to show you how I pulled together this whole party look for pennies on the dollar and mad DIY skills with 4 different mini craft projects using your Silhouette CAMEO or similar cutting machine.   These projects truly only take minutes to complete.

Ice Cream Bucket:

I just wanted to have a label on the ice cream bucket to add visual interest and reinforce the theme of the party.

Simply type out the word, I’m using the font Silly Rumors.


Then scale it to size using the scale tool



Send it to be cut!



Then weed out the extra vinyl and add a piece of transfer tape on top.  I also printed out some tropical graphics on printable vinyl that I could add as embellishments.



Find the center of your bucket and apply the vinyl words, use an application tool to get a firm grip.  I always clean the surface with a little bit of rubbing alcohol too.



If you want to add the printable vinyl too, go ahead and attach them as desired.  I simply peeled it like a sticker and attached them on each side of the word.


Vinyl Cups:

We’re basically repeating what we just did for the bucket above except adding one more step.  You’ll need the upgraded version of Silhouette Studio for this warp tool (totally worth the upgrade you guys!!)

Using the warp panel you can input the size of your irregular shaped glass and it will automatically adjust the curves of the graphic or words to wrap the circumference accurately.  Simply measure and input them into the tool then hit apply.


I made 4 copies since I have 4 glasses I’m making, send to be cut!



Weed out the extra material, cut apart the flowers and apply transfer tape on top.



Carefully place the decal on your glass and use your fingers and application tool to attach it.  Slowly and carefully pull off the transfer tape.  I find working at an angle is best and if it lifts, just press it back down with your finger.



Repeat until all cups are done!



Pineapple Straw Toppers:

First, open your pineapple design.  This is a cut design but I’m changing it into a print and cut project.  Ungroup the design so you can add 2 colors.



Add your colors you want.  I like to use the paint palette on the side in the fill panel, that’s where you can really customize your color options.



Group in back together after the colors are done.



Scale it down to size and use the offset tool to add a cut line around the outer edge.



Now we need to add two 1/2″ long lines in the center of the pineapple so you have slots to slide your straw through.  I use the align tool to make sure it’s perfectly centered.



We’re going to be replicating this design, but first, let’s make sure the cut settings are right.  Go to the send panel and select the inside cut lines of your pineapple and change it to no cut.  You only want the outer shape and 2 lines you added to cut.



Like this:



Group it all back together so you don’t accidentally forget to move or copy a part of the design.



Add the registration marks so it will properly print and cut.



To quickly fill the page with your design, go to the replicate panel and select fill page.



Send it to the printer, make sure to select the best print settings so it’s a vibrant print.  Then load it on your cutting mat, adjust the cut settings, and cut away!



I love how bright and colorful they are!!  Now you aren’t limited to the designs in the store, you can easily turn any graphic into a straw topper.



Carefully peel them off the cutting mat and slide them onto your straws.



Utensil Label Flags:


Open the flag cut file, ungroup it and keep the shape of your choice.



Scale it to the best size for your utensil.



Use the fill tool to add the floral pattern inside the flag.  If you click on the advanced options you’ll be able to scale it smaller and pan the image around until you’re happy with what you see.



Add your word labels, I’m still using the Silly Rumors font.  I also drew a rectangle around it and filled it with white so the labels are easy to read.



Layer the word box over top of your flag, those align tools really make it simple!



Copy the design as many times as you need and change the words to match your topping choices.  After you’re done, add the registration marks and send it to the printer.  Then load it in the cutting machine to be cut.



Simply attach the sticker to your utensils.  I found it easiest to line up the edge of the flag first, leaving the back loop open, then attaching it to the fork.



Now let’s put all those elements together with some other decor I bought at the dollar store and some tropical faux leaves I already had in my craft stock.


The Complete Party Look:

Simply layer the tablecloth down first, center the white wrapping paper on top, and add the trays and bucket to the center.

I added the faux leaves tucked under the trays and placed the bowls of toppings on top.

Fill the ice cream bucket with ice so you don’t end up with a melted mess on your hands (or table)!


Don’t forget to fill those adorable glasses with a fun drink and add your straws.

This whole party set up cost around $20!!  The projects only take a few minutes to complete and really help create a festive atmosphere.  There is no reason not to invite some friends over on a warm summer day and set up a fun tropical ice cream party.

Be sure to join the Crafty Community for more inspiration (and shop for vinyl while there!).

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Throw a tropical ice cream party with 4 simple crafts