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Tips & Tricks For Using Plastic Shrink Material

Tip One: Shrinking Equally

Remember how I mentioned above about the “lessons learned tips” on using shrink plastic?  I found that the material didn’t quite shrink equally so by flipping the design to print at the ninety degree turn it stayed more proportional.

Tip Two: Double-Check Your Cut Settings


After you’ve printed your images and you’re ready to cut them out using your CAMEO, make sure that you’ve selected the Cut Edge in the cut settings so you don’t accidentally cut out the inner designs too.

The material can be really dense, so you’ll really want to play with your cut settings to get a clean cut. I recommend using a small strip or corner of your shrink plastic to perform a test cut to make sure you get your settings exactly where you want them.

The best cut settings I found for this material is:  

  • Blade: 10
  • Speed: 8
  • Thickness: 33
  • Double Cut box checked

Tip Three: Repeat Your Cut Job


After the first cut DON’T unload the mat.  Send the cut job again (or select “Repeat Job” from the touchscreen menu on your CAMEO) so it cuts in the exact same spot.  

That’s right, you’re cutting it out 4 times, just to make sure.

Tip Four: Turn Sheet Upside Down For Test Cuts




Place the print-out upside down so the black square is in the bottom right corner on your mat. This will give you a clear spot to do those all important test cuts and saves you from accidentally cutting through your registration marks.

NOTE: If you cut through the black registration mark with your test cut, your Silhouette WILL NOT read the registration marks! Save yourself a lot of frustration and flip it upside down.

Once happy, don’t forget to flip your Print & Cut to the correct position, otherwise your CAMEO can’t read the registration marks!

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What other tips and tricks would you like to see on the blog?