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Unique Floral Gift Wrap Idea

I don’t know about you, but seeing beautifully wrapped gifts always makes my heart do a little happy dance. It’s like a cherry on top of an amazing sundae. A gift on its own is still exciting, but one wrapped to look like a photo in a magazine….priceless.

I made those kid’s art cutting boards for all of the Grandma’s in our life but I also wanted to wrap them in a fun and unique way using materials I already had on hand, because you know the world is still in quarantine and popping into the store for one item isn’t really a smart idea.

I got a big roll of butcher block paper to use with my infusible ink markers and figured the white paper is the perfect backdrop for wrapping paper. I won’t lie, knowing what to add took me about a half a day of thinking and Pinterest browsing to get the creative juices flowing. I came across one that had a sketched vase on the front with flowers attached and I loved it. The only problem again, no faux or real flowers on hand to use for that (that I was willing to part with just for wrapping at least, lol!)

I figured I could come up with a different play on that floral vase idea with what I already had on hand. I’m pretty happy with how they turned out!

Let’s get started!

Supplies Needed:

Let’s start by finding the perfect vase for your flowers. I just simply googled vase images and found one I liked then copied and pasted that photo into my Silhouette Studio. Try to find one with clean lines and a dark solid color for easy tracing.

Next, open your trace window.

Draw a rectangle around the image and move the threshold slider until the entire image is perfectly colored yellow.

Now you can click “trace outer edge” to get a perfect cut outline of the vase. You can change the size to whatever works best for your gift.

I’m just going to fill a full 12″ x 12″ sheet since that’s the size of my card stock and I like having extras. A trick to quickly to that is to use the replicate tools and select “fill page”

Now we are ready to cut! Head to the send tab and adjust the cut settings for your paper type.

Attach your paper onto the cutting mat and load it into the machine. Don’t forget to adjust your blade depth if you aren’t using an autoblade.

You should have your perfectly cut vases now! Set them aside for later.

Now let’s create the rub-off transfer flowers! (or stickers if that’s what you have)

Open your design file and scale it to the size you want. Mirror the image if you care to have it the same as the original picture. Then replicate it as many times as needed (or fill the page).

Side note: If you’re doing stickers then you’ll want to trace the flowers to create the cut lines as we did for the vase above.

I could have the machine cut out the rub off transfer images too, but I figured scissors would be faster than figuring out the perfect cut settings.

Once you have the design set you’re able to print this out. I always make sure to select the best print settings before hitting the print button.

This is what the package looks like (I linked it above for you too)

Make sure to read the directions carefully and use the correct side of the paper.

As per the package directions, you’ll want to make sure the ink is fully dry before attaching the glue. I used my heat gun to do that.

Now carefully attach the glue sheet. I peeled back about 1″ of the short edge and lined up the edges to make sure it was straight, then slowly used my scraper tool to adhere it.

Now you can cut the images out, I simply used my scissors to cut around the edges.

Once your present is wrapped in the paper, you can attach the flowers. Following the package directions, peel off the clear sheet exposing the glue side. (this is a little tricky, take your time!)

Now, position it carefully onto the present and use the scraper tool to attach it firmly.

Then, peel away the top white sheet and reveal the beautiful image! I love the vibrant colors and the smooth texture of this material.

One final step. I decided to create a custom tag to attach to the vase. You don’t have to be extra like me. You could just attach the vase with tape and call it a day here.

I used a Silhouette tag cut file I already owned and deleted the graphic. I liked the color around the hole punch though so I traced it and colored it pink to match the flowers.

Using the font Sea Breeze, I wrote happy mother’s day and then replicated it several times at a slight angle. I offset each row and filled the tag, then made the one word pink and capitalized this phrase so it would pop.

Here’s a trick to making the letter-spacing even. Open the transform tool and have them all selected and use the spacing tools at the bottom to spread them out perfectly spaced.

Once you’re happy with the design, scale it to size and replicate it as needed. Add the print and cut registration marks to have perfectly cut tags.

Finally, go to the send tab and make sure only the tag outlines are set to cut. and then print them out and cut them.

I used the baker’s twine to attach the tags to the vase neck and then taped the vase onto the package.

Here’s the final look! This not only creates a beautifully wrapped gift but it can double as art! If they carefully unwrap it they can trim it to fit a frame and now you have given them 2 gifts!

I can’t wait to see their faces when we hand them their gifts!!

Please pin this for later!

DIY multimedia unique floral gift wrapping idea which doubles as artwork