Get New Exciting Clothes In The Mail Every Month For One Flat Fee!

Yes, you read that title correctly!!! I wear new clothes 75% of the time I’m at work and I only pay a monthly flat fee for that.

How you ask?? It’s a rental program called Infinitely Loft!! I’ve been doing it for almost a year now and still love it (not sponsored-just sharing what I love)

Now you’re asking, how does this work??

It’s easy! You sign up for an account (Here’s a link to get you $20 off your first box!!) Full Disclosure, I also will get $20 off if you keep your account for 30 days.

Next, fill up your virtual closet with the clothes you like. They recommend keeping at least 20 items in the closet all the time so you get a quick turn around on your boxes based on the stock they have.

They pick 3 items from your closet and mail them to you, it takes about 3-4 days to arrive typically. You get to try them on and wear them for as long as you want. If you love the item you can always purchase it for a DEEP discount too! If you just kinda like it for the day simply return it back in the provided mailer bag and “return notify” on that item.

Once all 3 items are return notified or purchased they will get to work on creating another box for you and in about a week or so you’ll get another box in the mail.

On average I get about 3 boxes per month for $68. That is 9 brand new clothing items so let’s say it’s about $8/item to always have fun new clothes to wear to work (or running errands!)

My favorite part is trying on clothes and getting to wear them all day without being committed to owning them. Sometimes you try things on in the store and love them, but as you go throughout the day they stretch and sag or you find yourself tugging it back into place or it itches, etc…. Now you’re not stuck owning something you might never wear again!

I also have fun trying clothes on that I wouldn’t normally buy. My coworkers all know about my “boxes” as they call them and are always helping me decide which pieces I should keep.

I just bought a pair of gray-colored skinny jeans for $11!!! I also bought a dress that I will wear for work and my friend’s upcoming wedding for $28. These are Loft items you guys, not Old Navy (no offense Old Navy, I love you too but you’re usually my casual clothes I don’t expect to hold up for years)

Ok, you get it! I clearly love this rental program. If I convinced you to try it too here’s the link again to save $20 off your first box. They even have maternity clothes options! I wish it existed when I was having my kids, I would have saved SO much money on clothes you only need for 6 months of your life.

Get $20 off your first infinitely loft subscription box with this code!!